Dating: Entertain Multiple Offers
Why all men and women should entertain multiple offers from different potential lovers when they are single and dating in order to attract high quality prospects and most the compatible partners.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email from a viewer who has been talking to a female co-worker about dating since October of last year. Initially she was reluctant to date him because his divorce was not finalized yet. Then, a few months later he showed her proof of his divorce being finalized. She still would not go on a date and started using the excuse that she “didn’t want any relationships at the moment.” He backed off and assumed she was not interested. Then a week later she became sweet, flirtatious and started touching him. He asked her out again. She reminded him that she “wasn’t interested in dating anyone.” He backed off again, and this time she started asking him to lunch. During lunch she backed out of watching a movie together because of a BS excuse. He says that they text all the time, but things are going nowhere. He asks my opinion.

“People buy things they want and believe things they are told based upon their emotions. They use logic and reason to justify their purchase. People move towards things that feel good and away from things that feel or that potentially feel bad or painful. People will do more to avoid painful things than they will do to gain pleasurable things. In order to get the best deal for yourself, the terms and price you want in any personal or professional interaction, you should entertain multiple offers from several buyers, prospects or suitors. This creates a perception of scarcity, high value and desire. This causes people to compete for what you are offering or selling, pay your price and give you the terms you want.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne

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