HAPPINESS explained. How to attract happiness NOW!
HAPPINESS explained. How to attract happiness NOW! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xgadp0saB5U
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Today I just wanted to have a quick chat about being happy and firstly, i would like to tell you that “i am”.
Honestly, I am TRULY HAPPY pretty much all the time. I don’t sweat the small stuff and I don’t even sweat the big stuff. Happy happy joy joy all the live long day. To some of you my “all the time happiness”, may make you want to run for the loo and be sick, others may be thinking — “well what does she know of my worries and stresses, I’m sure her life is perfect!” However to the rest, it may leave you with a few questions — “How is it that you are and I am not? How can I be happy all the time too?”

Now my life is not perfect! No bodies is. But i have just discovered many little things that i do each day that keep my spirits high so that when a bad situation does arise, i am well equip to deal with it. All of my books talk about how to be happy along with other life tips and tools, however i wanted to share a few different tips with you today.

Here they are –

Don’t watch the news, turn it OFF! — Its mostly negative anyway and when you see others in bad situations, it makes you feel that these things can happen to you or you commiserate and compare the negatives in your life. It places you in a poor me mindset. Not good! This will not help your happy feelings grow at all.
Stop rehashing and sharing bad news — Seriously, why feel sorry for yourself or make others feel sorry for you, you are just waisting more of your precious day looking at all the bad. Unless you can give it a positive spin, throw your negative story in the bin!
Let others be. — Stop expecting others to know how you feel and expecting them to act a certain way that appeases you. It is not their job to protect your feelings, don’t be so sensitive!
Do watch comedy, heaps of it! — If i haven’t got a good book to read, i will lay in bed at night watching or listening to stand up comedy routines. I swear by it! I feel that if you go to sleep in a state of happiness it creates happy feelings for the next day. Many people go to bed concerned of their issues, what do you think this creates as a mental attitude for the next day — well, more issue obsessed thoughts of coarse.
Do exercise everyday! — I do, its my free antidepressant.
Do think of how lucky you are — I saw a saying once, it went something like this,
If you have not experienced war, torture, imprisonment or the daily struggle of starvation, then you are luckier then over 500million people alive today living this way.
If you have a roof over your head and food in your fridge, you are wealthier then 75% of the people in the world.
If you can read this blog, then you are better off then over 3 billion people in the world who cannot read at all.
If you woke up this morning with more of your body in a state of health then sickness, you are better off then the 1million that will pass away this week.
Start letting the worries go. — Nothing ever stays the same, bad situations always pass as do good, why not take initiative and let the worries go earlier. Focus on fun and happy things. I find this tends to create a space for the solution of the issue to arise.
Be happy anyway. — Don’t be happy because, its a sure way to be sad. More of our ideas don’t work out then the ones that do, so if we are all only happy because we want something to be a certain way, we are setting ourselves up for a fall. Think — “if i don’t get what i desire, how can i be happy anyway?” Answer this question and you may find you always get what you want. and if not, you are happy anyway.
HAPPINESS explained. How to attract happiness NOW!
Kate Filmer is a counsellor, author and an intuitive life guide. www.katefilmer.com
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HAPPINESS explained. How to attract happiness.